Kevan Kristjanson has lived in Europe for nearly half his life and currently divides his time between Provence and Toronto.  In addition to leaf travel, he runs a catering company with his wife Jennifer and continues his career as a real-time software architect.  Kevan has also previously directed the European operations of a select travel company operating in France and Italy.  A vocal champion of the active French lifestyle and the importance of la table, he is passionate about food, wine, and the region.


Jennifer Hastings, a native of Toronto raised in the United States, came to Provence with her husband Kevan on a one-year sabbatical in 1995, took on the role of coordinator in a high-end travel company, and never looked back.  Nothing enthuses Jennifer more than a walk on a country road, a leisurely pedal, or a glass of great wine.  A former corporate banker turned food industry entrepreneur and caterer, Jennifer leads the culinary team, plans the meals, and guides the gentler Active Excursions.

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